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 — by Catherine Morgan

Did you ever notice that angry people tend to attract other angry people? That greedy people, enjoy the company of other greedy people? Just like we choose to associate with people in our lives that have similar interests as we do, we are also unconsciously choosing people that are putting out that same emotional “frequency” as we do.

So, who cares? Well, you should. That is; if you are interested in “attracting” people into your life that are kind, caring, and loving, and not angry, bitter, and hateful.

It’s all about awareness. If you are attracting negative people into your life, it is most likely that you are putting out negative “energy”, and you are most likely doing that because you are feeling negative “emotions”. If you are aware of that, you can work on putting out more positive energy, by choosing to feel more positive emotions. It is really very simple.

Basically, perception is everything. Ten people will experience the same situation ten different ways. Not because it happened ten different ways, but because they perceived it in ten different ways. Just like the proverbial “glass is half ____”, what? What were you going to say? Full? Empty?

If we walk through life unconsciously, life will come to us the same way. But, if we choose to be conscious of our feelings and emotions, we can help attract the life we want. It isn’t an exact science. But, if you want to attract love into your life, be a loving person, have loving feeling, have loving emotions. Just by being conscious of your feelings and your emotions, you are altering the frequencies you are putting out into the world. So, think about it for a minute. What frequencies were you putting out today? Loving? Kind?

The good thing is, that we do control our perceptions. Not much else though, you know how it is, we always feel we have no control over our lives. Well, that is because we really don’t have any control over our lives. However, how we “perceive” our out of control lives, that we do have control over. Not too much of a consolation, you say? Except that we can decide if we are going to be a happy, loving person or an angry, bitter one. That’s a pretty big deal.

Once you decide what type of person you are going to choose to be, then you will know what type of person you will attract into your life. Just like the “frequencies” on a radio, if you want country music, you need to find that frequency. If you want Pop or Rock music, but you keep tuning into the frequency that plays country, well you are going to get _____. Right, country. Once you find the right “emotional” frequency, others with that frequency will be attracted to you.

So, if you want to attract love… need to be a loving person. Start by loving yourself, being grateful for the things you have. Once you can do that, start replacing angry or negative emotions, with positive loving emotions. Choose your reactions to life and work and family, in a positive loving way. When the “frequencies” you are putting out change, what you will attract to yourself will also change.

Just give it a try. It can’t hurt. So you were more loving and kind for a couple of days, no harm. But? What if there really is something to this crazy talk? What if you really can attract the love you have always wanted? You will never know, if you don’t give it a try.

Good Luck.


BY Brian Wong

When you start sharing the program with others, one of the first hurdles is when it comes to price. Now price is a very interesting topic. When you go into a middle class or poor person’s home, you will be astonished to see the amount of “stuff” they own. They buy many many things which cost very little and has very little value but when you add it all up, it can come to thousands of dollars.Perhaps one of the first things you see is a TV! However, when you talk to these same people about investing in their education (books and seminars) or in a business vehicle, you will come up with extreme resistance!

So how should one look at price objectively? The answer is that you need to see the value of what you get in return. You can ALWAYS sell something if the value you offer exceeds the price you ask. Its obvious. Now with regards to anyProgram, if a person does not understand the tremendous value in the program, the price may well be the stumbling block for them.


to be a goal getter is to have vison and determination … continue the sentence  


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This strategy requires a commitment from you to work at scheduled times on large tasks. Most of the really important work you do requires large chunks of unbroken time to complete. Your ability to create and carve out these blocks of high value, highly productive time, is central to your ability to make a significant contribution to your work and to your life. 

Start Immediately On Number One
Successful salespeople set aside a specific time period each day to phone prospects. Rather than procrastinating or delaying on a task that they don’t particularly like, they resolve that they will phone for one solid hour between 10 and 11 AM and they then discipline themselves to follow through on their resolutions. 

Many business executives set aside a specific time each day to call customers directly to get feedback. 

Create Specific Amounts of Time 
Some people allocate specific 30-60 minute time periods each day for exercise. Many people read in the great books 15 minutes each night before retiring. In this way, over time, they eventually read dozens of the best books ever written. 

The key to the success of this method of working in specific time segments is for you to plan your day in advance and specifically schedule a fixed time period for a particular activity or task. 

You make work appointments with yourself and then discipline yourself to keep them. You set aside thirty, sixty and ninety minute time segments that you use to work on and complete important tasks.

Create Preplanned Periods
Many highly productive people schedule specific activities in preplanned time slots all day long. These people build their work lives around accomplishing key tasks one at a time. As a result, they become more and more productive and eventually produce two times, three times and five times as much as the average person. 

Action Exercises
Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action. 

First, organize each day to create large chunks of time you can use for key task completion.

Second, make a written appointment with yourself to work on a key task at a specific time.